We offer online pre-booking for all our classes.  To book a class online you will need a valid membership or pass.  All class passes except our 6 month contract Unlimited Monthly Membership can be bought online in advance of booking your classes.

We recommend that you download the Mind Body app to make your booking to ensure that your place is reserved and paid for.  We try to accomodate drop-in students but cannot guarantee places will still be available unless you book in advance.  Booking in advance is easy with the Mind Body app and means less time spent queueing at reception.  You can dowload Mind Body free of charge from the App Store, make The Life Centre North a favourite, load a pass, browse the schedule and click to book! You have the opportunity to cancel your class without charge up to two hours before the class starts.  You can also sign up using your PC rather than mobile device by clicking the link below.

When booking online, please still arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of class to make sure you have time to check in and get ready for your class.  If you are late your place may be given to a drop-in student.

Terms and conditions

  • Online bookings can be made between 7 days and 1 hour before the class begins.
  • To book online you must have a valid pack or pass 
  • Not available during the ‘New Client Offer’.
  • Class bookings can be cancelled up to 2 hours before class. Cancellations can only be made online; reception will not be able to make any cancellations to bookings made online.
  • Early cancellations: cancelled more than 2 hours before the class then the class will be credited back to their account.
  • Late Cancellations: cancelled less than 2 hours of the class are not refundable.
  • Clients who have booked online must still sign-in at reception or at the self check-in PC 
  • For bookings made online clients need to sign-in to the class 10 minutes before the start time of the class. If they arrive less than 10 minutes before the class begins then their place will be opened up to a drop-in client and they will still be charged for the booking.
  • If clients abuse online booking, the right to book online will be removed for 1 month.

To book online using your PC, please visit your account or create an account by logging in here

Please note that we accept the following payment methods online: Visa, Mastercard