Introduction to Singing Bowls, followed by Pampering Yoga & Sound Bath on Sunday 21st May.

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Meet the Teachers

Szilvia Gardian - Yoga & Sound

Sound baths are a form of sound relaxation and meditation which enjoy growing popularity in the yoga community.

We caught up with Yoga & Sound teacher Szilvia Gardian ahead of her upcoming yoga and sound workshops, to find out more about the workshops and her connection to singing bowls.

Szilvia is teaching Introduction to Singing Bowls, followed by Pampering Yoga & Sound Bath on Sunday 21st May.

How did singing bowls come into your life?
My first encounter was slightly unusual as I discovered singing bowls in between two courses at a family meal during a birthday celebration at my aunt’s house.
The story starts making more sense when I explain that my aunt, Szilagyi Zoltanne Balint Gyorgyi, is the founder of the Sound Therapy Institute Budapest. My Aunt always had an open door and heart for anyone interested in these magical instruments, so at family events there was always a singing bowl or a gong close by, just waiting to be explored!

Has sound always played an important role in your life?
Yes. Sound has always been a tool which I use intuitively for self-expression and self-discovery. My choice of instrument before finding singing bowls was my own voice.
According to my mum, when I was a child, I used to sing all the time – so much so that I was known to fall asleep singing and my parents knew whether I was still awake or not by when the singing stopped. I’m grateful that they never opposed this habit of mine, even in my later teenage years when I enrolled for singing lessons at the music school – which resulted in their further exposure to my regular singing at home!

How did the singing contribute to what you do today?
When I think about why I invested time into developing this skill, I realise that it has never been about making it to a stage. More so, it is about sharing the joy I experience through music.

Back then the ideal setting I could imagine performing in would have been an intimate cafe with a small audience. A place where my music could create a welcoming atmosphere and backdrop to the special moments people share with each other.

Only later, in my early 20s, did I realise that the magical force of music doesn’t only foster connections between people, but it helps us tune into ourselves.
It became clear that those lessons at the music school were a huge contributor to making a connection to myself, creating a two way line of communication that can both express and influence what is inside me.

And here I am, living my teenage dream! Instead of the intimate café I dreamt about, the place turned out to be a yoga studio, where I use my voice to guide people through their yoga practice and play singing bowls to facilitate their relaxation and meditation experience. And as a result of this, I’m creating a nurturing environment for people to connect with themselves.

Why do you think feeling connected to ourselves is important?
I believe that once we feel connected to ourselves, it changes the way we relate to others. We can act from a position of love, curiosity, understanding and compassion in our relationships once we establish the same attitude towards ourselves.

So how did you decide to combine sound with yoga?
Coming from a fitness teaching background my choice of becoming a yoga teacher derived from the intention to explore the mindful dimensions of a physical practice. Soon after graduating as a yoga teacher I became curious as to whether singing bowls could support this process.
After my initial singing bowl training, I spent two years developing Yoga & Sound under the professional guidance of my aunt and mentor. To my surprise, I found that it’s not only singing bowls that can help in deepening the yoga experience but yoga itself contributes to a more complete immersion into a sound bath experience. I launched Yoga & Sound at the Yoga Show Manchester in 2014. These classes are my interpretation of how a mindful Yoga practice and the use of Himalayan Singing bowls can best support the process of uniting mind and body in a relaxing and energising experience.

How did the singing bowl workshops start?
While teaching Yoga & Sound, I found that many people were intrigued by singing bowls and curious to learn more about them so I started the Introduction to Singing Bowls workshops.

My intention in these workshops is to create a space whereby people can get closer to the singing bowls – during the workshops participants can fully immerse themselves in learning to play the bowls, listening to their sound, observing their effect and learning about their origin.

I give advice on how singing bowls can be used at home and how to choose, buy and clean them. It is always an interactive experience and a fun time with sounds and other like-minded people.

At these workshops I met many yoga teachers who were interested in incorporating singing bowls into their classes. I decided to share my specialised knowledge and experience, which led to the launch of “SOUND FOR YOGA -SINGING BOWLS FOR YOGA TEACHERS ” courses.

After completing the course, yoga teachers have the fundamental knowledge, techniques and skills that they need in order to start introducing singing bowls into their yoga classes. It is a truly wonderful and rewarding feeling to see that through these courses more and more yoga teachers are starting to SHARE THE GIFT OF SOUND.

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