More Yoga for Less - We’re Lowering Our Prices From 1 March

31 January 2018

We know that regular yoga + meditation practice = better overall well-being both physically and mentally. So, we want to make it easier for The Life Centre North community to develop a regular practice. We hope cheaper class passes will help towards making this possible.

Yogacampus: Sharing Yoga Knowledge

30 July 2015

The Life’s Centre’s sister company Yogacampus is one of the only yoga education organisations in the UK that offers such a vast variety of courses taught by a great diversity of teachers. “Our guest international teachers and UK based regulars all honour the importance of authenticity especially when it comes to the foundations of modern yoga. This article on the “Roots of Yoga” is an example of Yogacampus’ passion. “ Discover more about what Yogacampus are offering in Manchester *here*.