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Beth Morgan

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After dabbling with various types of yoga, Beth discovered Kundalini yoga on a retreat in Egypt in 2007 and quickly realised how powerful…

Her passion for music and mantras is evident in her powerful and uplifting classes which are taught in a loving, warm and compassionate way.

Beth trained with Maya Fiennes a kundalini teacher based in LA and is certified with Yoga Alliance 200 hours.


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Dana Baniel

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Dana’s yoga journey began around 2001, when she was taken by a friend to an Iyengar yoga class and never looked back.

Over the years, she has explored other styles and methods of practice, but settled mainly with Ashtanga Vinyasa which she still regularly practises and deeply loves.

In the last few years, Dana began to practise with Andrea Everingham, and was blown away by her energy and creative sequencing. She became inspired to follow her dream and become a teacher, and graduated from the Yogacampus Teacher Training Diploma course in 2015.

Dana’s warmth, creativity and passion show through in her classes which, through attention to breath, movement and alignment, build up around a focus (parts of the body, working towards a peak pose or yoga philosophy) developing gradually, from a slower warm up, to more dynamic and flowing sequences, before finishing with deep relaxation.

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Danny Solomon

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Danny was introduced to yoga by his wife when he was 25, and, at the age of 27, travelled to India to train with Dulce Aguilar and Jamie Clarke…

He completed his 200 hour training in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket Yoga and became a certified yoga teacher. Danny went back to London and began to teach at studios and gyms all over the capital. The year after, he continued his yoga journey, travelling to Bali to complete 100 hours of training in yin yoga, and in 2016 he completed 100 hours in Mandala Yoga and Shamanism. He has been living in Manchester for 3 years and loves the city and the people in it.

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Donna McCafferey

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Donna’s spiritual journey began after experiencing a solar eclipse in India in 1995.

Shortly after that, she took a silent Vipassana retreat followed by a number of others, which changed her as a person and prepared her for when she found yoga, via an Ashtanga Vinyasa class which she happened across on her way to the beach in Goa in 1998. She quickly became hooked and arrived home that year with a regular primary series practice. She continued to travel to Goa to practise with Rolf Naujokat and Kirsten Berg for another two years and with Gaby Pascoli for a further two years.

Donna began teaching in 2012 after realising how much the practice had transformed her life. She completed a week’s intensive teacher training with David Swenson in 2012, and her 200 hour teacher training with John Scott in 2014. Since then, she has endeavoured to practise with John whenever she can, and because having a regular teacher is so important, also practices regularly with Donna Southwell.

Donna loves the logic and the transformative qualities of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. She teaches using the counted vinyasa system because it helps to keep focus during a led class, but likes to encourage people to find their own practice and take as much time as they need to work at the postures. Every body is different, so, although a led class teaches a set sequence, there is always a way of modifying the posture to suit the student’s body on that day.

Donna is also a reiki practitioner and a crystal healer and I completed the Rainbow Kids yoga course last year, giving her the joy of teaching yoga to children.

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Eithne Kane

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Eithne is a Hatha and Vinyasa Flow teacher, a professional dancer and an avid rock climber.

She found Yoga in 2009 when a back injury was causing her a lot of pain and making her dance school training incredibly challenging. Yoga has helped Eithne to re-find the confidence and mobility she had lost due to the injury and even years on is essential to her maintaining a happy spine and being able to climb, dance and explore movement in the myriad of ways she's passionate about.

Over the years Eithne realised that a regular yoga practice transcended the physical, bringing huge benefits to well being and emotional health. Already a dance teacher with a BA in Contemporary Dance, in 2015 she decided to become a Yoga teacher too, studying to be a 200 RYT(YA) at Serenity Yoga in beautiful Bali.

Eithne truly believes that movement and meditation are for everyone. Being present in your body and understand it quirks and its personality gives us a real sense of power and freedom. Her classes are a playful mixture of movement and breath, focusing on creating space and health within the body and mind.

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Fiona Finsbury

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Fiona has been practising yoga since the age of 14.

She was drawn to yoga for it’s physical benefits, and soon discovered the immense emotional and spiritual healing it can bring. Fiona completed her 200 hours Ashtanga and Rocket Yoga teacher training with Dulce Aguilar and Jamie Clarke in London in 2012. In 2015 she completed 100 hours of Yin teacher training with Murielle Burellier and Sebastian Pucelle and in 2016 she studied Mandala vinyasa and shamanism with Dulce Aguilar and Maria K’ame for a further 100 hours. In 2018 she completed 50 hours of Rocket Yoga and Procabulary with The Yoga People and Mark England and continues to study with Mark.

In her teaching, Fiona combines the strength and intensity of vinyasa yoga with the slow pace and the accepting nature of yin. She encourages a strong connection between movement and breath in her classes. Recently she has been slowing down in her personal practice and letting go of 'the race for the next asana', in favour of stillness and truly listening to her body. She is inspired by J.Brown who teaches that ‘gentle is the new advanced’.

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Gavin DeMarines

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Gavin initially trained as a yoga teacher in London, where he taught for two years, before deciding to deepen his practice and teaching skills…

Gavin initially trained as a yoga teacher in London, where he taught for two years, before deciding to deepen his practice and teaching skills through intensive study of philosophy, asana and meditation in Goa in 2015.

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Jane Craggs

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Jane teaches inclusive and accessible yoga for peace and strength as one half of Svastha Yoga Manchester with Louise Tanner, offering workshops…

With a dedicated team of lovely teachers a sangha was created and the beginnings of some lifelong associations. When Yogaspace closed its doors in 2005, the sangha continued as yoga teachers collective Manchester Yoga Shala, which ran successfully for 5 years. It was a wonderfully creative and heartfelt endeavour in a ramshackle building, and it was a beautiful container for some wonderful teachings and events.

She originally trained in Spain, trading her crazy life in touring theatre for the peace and steadiness of yoga teaching. She studied extensively with many inspirational teachers, most influentially Donna Farhi, before meeting the Mohan family. She feels very fortunate to have such dedicated and authentic teachers and does her best to pass on faithfully the teachings entrusted to her by them.

She continues her studies with them and is part of an international yoga community travelling to India and other parts of the world to complete trainings and following their online Yoga sutras study, as well as training in yoga therapy with their son, Dr Ganesh Mohan.

Svastha students have a small but supportive network,which feels like a family, sharing knowledge and expertise as well as mentoring.

Jane has always prioritised accessible and inclusive yoga and has set up a number of pioneering classes over the years including classes for Chronic fatigue, and adults with learning disabilities( 13 uninterrupted years!) and she now teaches for the Prison Phoenix trust which she finds inspiring and humbling.

She has also been working one to one with Yoga therapy since 2009 and has helped support clients with a range of conditions across mental and physical health spectrums.

She is passionate about helping to train new yoga teachers,and in her work for Yogacampus has helped support Northern teachers through teaching and mentoring in Hebden Bridge since 2011 and will now repeat this here in her adopted hometown, Manchester.

Jane absolutely loves India. Since 2002 she has travelled there annually, leading trekking and yoga adventures with small groups of yoga students and increasingly extending her stays until her 7 month sabbatical in 2009/10, when she studied Yoga Psychology with her teachers and also deepened her knowledge of Ayurveda, completing an Ayurvedic Therapy course. She has spent time all over the subcontinent, with extended periods in West Bengal, Orrissa and Tamil Nadu. She has through her many sponsored sun salutations raised funds for a number of charities and is currently raising funds for a village project near Bihar. She has also had many and varied adventures including sailing in the crocodile and Tiger infested Mangrove swamps of the Sunderbans at dawn with 4 other people and 200 blankets on what resembled a large piece of balsa wood!!

Her background in theatre( she originally trained and worked as a theatre designer) has been a surprisingly transferable skill, as have her years as part of a comedy double act ( yoga hecklers so far not a problem!). Jane's classes are friendly and accessible, and all are welcome to join. Yoga should be accessible to anyone who wishes to find peace and steadiness in a world that is anything but peaceful and steady!



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Karen Hadgett

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Karen caught the yoga bug in 1995 when she went to her first yoga class with Christine Howitt at Bodywise in the Manchester Buddhist Centre.

She couldn’t believe how stretched and calm she felt afterwards. She continued to practise regularly with Christine, until, feeling drawn to a more dynamic practice, she began to practise Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, moving onto Mysore style practice in Crete with Radha and Pierre. Deciding to deepen her knowledge of yoga, Karen trained as a yoga teacher with Brian Cooper, studying the traditional Ashtanga sequences, with Iyengar influenced alignment and other traditional yoga practices, graduating in 2006.

Karen has also been strongly influenced by the teachings of both Mukunda Stiles and Julie Gudmestad, with their emphasis on pain-free yoga, learning from Mukunda to free the joints and move through the body, and drawing her love of anatomy from Julie’s background in Iyengar yoga and physiotherapy. She continues to attend workshops with a variety of respected yoga teachers, combining the knowledge she has gained into her traditional hatha yoga classes.
She still sees Christine on a regular basis to continually develop her own practise and for her ongoing development as a yoga teacher.

If you work/live in Manchester you will have probably seen Karen cycling around the city as she goes from her café in the Craft & Design Centre, to her many various jobs around town including behind the bar at HOME, spreading the word! If anyone asks her just how she manages to fit all this into a day her standard answer is…YOGA!!

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Kelly Renzulli

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As an avid runner, Kelly has always understood the benefits and importance of stretching but it wasn’t l until living in rural New Zealand…

After attending a local class, she was hooked and slowly began to feel both the physical and mental benefits yoga has to offer. Kelly continued her practice, until ten years later when she decided to train as a yoga teacher in Melbourne, Australia where to taught until she decided to permanently return back to her hometown in Manchester. Over time, her practice has evolved and strengthened, finding her own style, providing a soft, gentle and nurturing environment as well as a strong and alignment based practice.

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Laura Booth

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Yoga crept into Laura’s life at a time when she was lacking direction.

Through working initially as a yoga studio receptionist, the practice began to infiltrate her life and she became interested in teaching and sharing the practice.

Laura completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Yogahaven in 2014, and her 300 hour training with Sampoorna Yoga in Goa in 2016. As a young teacher, she feels completely blessed to have connected to this part of herself so early in life. Her asana practice has transcended her pre-conceived physical and mental limitations, and yoga has infiltrated her life in every way. Yoga brings Laura clarity and inner strength, enabling her to navigate her way through obstacles and fully appreciate every moment of her life. Her teaching encourages students to find their own personal flow within the practice, creating space in body and mind, body positivity, and inner strength.

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Laura Burkhart

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Laura is an E-RYT 500 San Francisco based International teacher and featured online yoga teacher for Om Stars, Grokker, Yoga Vibes and My…

She is a two-time cover model for Yoga Journal Italy and Singapore, and is regular contributor for Yoga Journal USA.

Laura sought out yoga to help combat serious health problems her body was experiencing as a result of a decade of major stress and insomnia. She gravitated toward yoga because it reminded her of the similar meditative movement she found when she use to dance. The healing, grounding benefits she received from yoga was so profound that she decided to change the course of her work life to help others find the same relief and peace she had found through a fluid, meditative vinyasa practice.

Laura teaches smart, creative, well-rounded and intelligently sequenced classes. Her classes are invigorating with a smooth, rhythmic flow. She is adept at catering to different levels and abilities, ensuring that all of her students feel welcome and at ease. Her extensive studies under Jason Crandell and Shiva Rea taught her smart sequencing and the benefit of fluidity, both of which forged her intuitive, spontaneous and eclectic instruction style.

In recent years, after experiencing a serious hip injury, surgery and other injuries due repetitive stress and pushing too far from dance and two decades of asana practice, Laura has become passionate about teaching teachers and practitioners safer alignment and sequencing while still keeping practices fun and creative. She is a strong advocate of teaching and practicing in a way that will last a lifetime.

In addition to her extensive work with Yoga Journal, Laura has been featured in Mantra Magazine, Origin Magazine and has written for online publications such as Greatist, Refinery 29 and SELF Magazine. She has taught at The Yoga Journal Conference, The Bali Spirit Festival, Yoga Festival Milan, Wanderlust 108, Yoga For Hope and Yoga Rocks the Park and worked as the Yoga Director at the San Francisco Bay Club’s Mind/Body Center. Laura co-leads 200-hour teacher trainings with Jason Crandell and mentors teachers in creating successful public and online teaching careers.

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Lisa Jones

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Lisa was introduced to yoga early, as her father was a dedicated yoga practitioner, although it wasn’t until she moved to Manchester…

Her classes are now therapeutic, educational and person centred, reflecting Lisa’s passion about her teaching being functional, practical and accessible without the mystique that can sometimes engulf this most empowering practice of self enquiry. In the last few years, Lisa has become deeply influenced by somatic movement, which also plays a significant part in her teaching. Each practice she leads has elements of slow and fluid breath led movement, longer held restorative postures, relaxation and meditation.

Lisa sees yoga as a practice of self enquiry, and ultimately the practice of becoming inwardly still, so from that stillness full integration can be experienced. The practice of yoga helps develop the awareness and space needed to explore and observe our habits and patterns at a deep internal level. From this point of acceptance, we can learn to create new ways of interacting within life and the world, beyond our learned habits and reactions.

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Liz Whitham

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Liz began practising Pilates before her first pregnancy due to problems with her lower back, and continued during and after her subsequent…

Her back issues all but disappeared, and Pilates also helped her body to recover from pregnancy and birth.

Liz’s love of yoga followed. Through yoga, she felt a sense of calm that she hadn’t felt for a long time, and the effect of practising on the mat rippled through to her everyday life. Supported by my fantastic teachers, she decided to become a teacher herself. She completed her CYQ Level 3 Modern Pilates Matwork in July 2010 and began teaching straight away. Once she had established herself, she began a Level 3 Yoga Instructor course and started teaching yoga in November 2011. After coming to the end of that course, she decided to focus on apparatus training and is now a STOTT Certified Reformer teacher. She holds the CYQ level 3 Adapting Exercise for Antenatal and Postnatal clients, allowing her to teach pregnancy classes and to accommodate pregnant women in general classes.

Liz recently decided to begin another yoga teacher training course with Debbie Lewis, and is loving being a student again. She regularly attends Pilates and yoga workshops with well known teachers such as Peter Blackaby, Claire Missingham, Cat Alip Douglas and Bridget Woods-Kramer, and attends a variety of Pilates workshops presented by Cherry Baker and Sheila Done each year, the most recent being Neurolates.

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Manjunaga (Yoga)

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Manjunaga has been exploring the insights and practices of meditation,
yoga and Buddhism for over 25 years and draws from his in-depth

He was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2005 where he was given the name Manjunaga which means ‘kind wisdom’. He has taught as a fully accredited yoga teacher in Manchester since completing his yoga training with Simon Low and the Yoga Academy in 2008.

Manjunaga has studied and explored a wide variety of physical, energetic and spiritual practices including Iyengar yoga, Hatha yoga, Pilates, Yoga Nidra, Psychology Focusing and Chinese Medicine, effectively bringing together some of the essential elements from these sources of wisdom and healing into his teaching today.

His style of yoga teaching combines dynamic, flowing movement with
stilling, calming postures to experience yoga as a deepening awareness of the breath, cultivating peace of mind. Manjunaga feels that yoga is an awareness practice which offers people an opportunity to become more fully embodied in their experience; it allows for a greater
sensitivity to emotional and physical well-being as well as allowing a
natural state of open, relaxed awareness to emerge. This practice over time can support a happier, more balanced and meaningful life.

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Mick Timpson

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Mick is an architect, artist and senior yoga and meditation teacher.

He has been practicing for 30 years. Mick’s work as an architect has moved from shaping our external world, to helping people rediscover and shape their inner worlds. Mick says that designing and improving our external environment is vital but it can only take you so far. Real change happens on the inside. Mick runs two Social Enterprises in Manchester, The Yoga Life Project for yoga on the mat with classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training and beanddo for yoga off the mat focusing on meditation practice designed for business, education and everyday life.

Mick often says he knew where his practice needed to go when he realised that for many years he had been teaching yoga to his architecture students and architecture to his yoga students. By using and adapting ancient yogic science of meditation we can empower our ‘inner architect’ and redesign ourselves for happiness, creativity and lasting wellbeing.

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Sophie-Rae Martyn

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Sophie-Rae is a trained Holistic Therapist as well as a Yoga Teacher and has taught massage for the past ten years.

She has an insightful and knowledgeable understanding to the human body, as well as the nature of the mind, our emotional system and the manifestations that are stored within our entire being as a result.

Like many of us, Sophie found yoga when she most needed it. Having practiced on and off for many years and always enjoying the internal space that the practice gave her, it wasn’t until she stumbled upon Jivamukti yoga, that she really found her own practice and a deeper
sense of self.

Sophie-Rae decided she wanted to deepen her own practice further and went on the complete her 300 hour teacher training with Jivamukti Yoga in February 2017, studying under Jivamukti co-founder Sharon Gannon, Jules Febre and Yogeswari.

Sophie-Rae’s style of teaching is compassionate, light-hearted, breath focused and open. She hopes to be able to inspire and encourage her students in the same way that he teachers have for her and to unravel the layers of the self through the practice of yoga. Her goal is for students to be able to reach a state of peace and ease, both in the mind and the body and to find acceptance of who you are both on and off the mat.

Steven Chan

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Sue Diamond

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After being a dancer for 17 years, Sue was drawn to yoga in 2006 when she started to suffer from injuries.Her yoga practice helped her to…

When she retired from dance, she turned to yoga to ward off the increasing stiffness in her body, reclaiming her flexibility and finding a new inner calmness.

Sue studied as a hot yoga teacher in Morocco and London with Yogahaven, and also teaches yoga with a dance influence. She is a 2000 hr registered teacher with Yoga Alliance, she has completed a 500hr vinyasa/ashtanga with Sampoorna in India, a 500hr with Dharma Mittra in New York, as well as having a diploma in yoga theory and being a qualified Thai Yoga Massage practitioner and hypnotherapist. She has continued her yoga training and education in London with Claire Missingham a teaching immersion on vinyasa flow sequencing, a teaching immersion in restorative yoga with Roger Cole. workshops with David Sye, Ray Long, Roger Cole, Durga Devi and will soon complete a teaching immersion with Noah Maze. Sue has taught on a teacher training, has her own yoga retreat and teaches many workshops at The Life Centre.

Sue teaches private one to ones and small groups on top of her classes at the studio. she has taught footballers from Manchester City and Everton, as well as rugby players from Sale Sharks and Wigan Warriors. Also thai yoga massage at the studio on request. After a long and happy career as a dancer, she never thought that she would find a career in which she could feel so content, until she started to teach yoga.