Acro Yoga Workshop with Josh & Adi

2 February 2019, 14:30–17:00

The Life Centre, Manchester
293A Deansgate (behind Philip James Estate Agents and opposite The Hilton Hotel)
M3 4EW,

0161 834 6283


The Life Centre North are teaming up with Imprint Movement Collective, Josh Rowe and Adi Scott for an afternoon of Acro Yoga. Acro Yoga is a wonderful way to connect with others around you. You work as a team to create a combination of acrobatic moves and yoga flows that come together in a beautiful sequence to create what we see as Acro Yoga.

Bring a partner or just come along and meet someone new! We will be encouraging mixing in all groups, so everyone gets to swap and change between partners and experience as many different variations of the practice as possible... making you a well rounded Acro Yogi.

This partner based activity is the perfect way to explore the potential of the human body; the strength, flexibility and the connection that we are capable of using with another person.

Our Acrobatic roles consist of:
The Base - This side of the partnership is the grounding force; the strength that holds the duo in each posture. the major stability lies here and this will develop in time along with strength.
The Flyer - the elegant and strong role that makes the flows and postures look effortless! Strong core engagement and body awareness will be developed here.
The Spotter - a very important part in any acrobatic activity is having a support. A spotter serves as just that, having a different view from the flyer and base and allowing corrections as well
and a safe pair of hands to assist the base and flyer.

In short, Josh & Adi will teach you how to base, to fly and to become and effective spotter to prevent injury if you are ever practising away from the studio with friends!

It’s a fun way to meet new people, build connections, gain some experience in a new activity that will build confidence, body awareness and develop a fun new pastime for the beach and the park. We guarantee you’ll love it!

Josh is a yoga teacher, movement coach, climber and acro-wizard, specialising in inversions, calisthenics and bodyweight training and conditioning. Adi is a photographer, artist, illustrator, muralist and acrobat; an all round creative and mover. Together they’ve created Imprint because they want to share their love of inspired movement, design and nature.