Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series In Depth

With Donna McCafferey
8 December 2018, 14:30–17:30

The Life Centre, Manchester
293A Deansgate (behind Philip James Estate Agents and opposite The Hilton Hotel)
M3 4EW,

0161 834 6283


Have you ever been to or seen an Ashtanga primary series led class and wondered why the postures are in this order? Why these specific postures? Why breathing with sound? Why so fast? Am I breathing properly? Is my alignment correct? Some postures seem so challenging, will I ever be able to do them? What are bandhas? What is Drishti?  
Well, in this workshop we will take an in depth look at the whole of the Ashtanga Primary series, and answer those questions.

We will begin the workshop by looking at the 8 limbs of Yoga and how they can be incorporated into the Ashtanga  practice.
Then we will do some breathing work to explore Tristana, looking at Breath, Bandha (internal locks) and Drishti (gazing point) and how they work together and connect with the vinyasa (synchronised breath and movement). We will also look at the importance of the Sanskrit count for providing an extra focus to the practice.
We will then move on to the Asana practice, spending time to explore correct and safe alignment. We will spend time breaking down the second half of the primary series which is often left out in hour long classes, and you will finally begin to realise the importance of Navasana (boat pose) and that is is not only there to make you work extra hard!   
We will also properly explore the more challenging postures in the middle of the sequence and have some fun playing with them.   We will look at why the postures are put together in this order so that you know what comes next, preparing you for a full primary series class. You will gain a deeper understanding of the practice so that you can bring greater awareness to your regular vinyasa yoga practice.


Suitable for all levels