The Good Guts Series: Metabolism/Agni

With Susi Wrenshaw
13 May 2017, 14:30–17:00

The Life Centre, Manchester
293A Deansgate (behind Philip James Estate Agents and opposite The Hilton Hotel)
M3 4EW,

0161 834 6283


Book all three workshops in the Good Guts series for £65 (10% saving)

Join Susi for a practical approach to healthy digestion drawn from yoga and Ayurveda. Suitable for those wishing to use yoga to improve digestion, relax, deepen their knowledge of good digestive health as well as those with digestive conditions or symptoms, the Good Guts workshops can be taken individually or as a series of three. Other workshops in the series are A Personalised Approach to Eating and Lifestyle/Dosha and Digestion/Prana Vayus.

Across the series you will learn:

- cleansing techniques to remove toxins from the system
- gentle purification techniques to clear blockages
- breathing practices to stoke the digestive fires
- lifestyle modifications to support healthy digestion
- tools to stimulate sluggish digestion or calm overactive digestion
- relaxation and its importance in the digestive process
- how the digestive system constantly asks the question "am I safe?"
- recognising your digestive tendencies (balanced, irregular, intense, weak)
- ayurvedic theory of illness

This workshop will look at how yoga, visualisation, breathing techniques and cleansing practices can be used to restore Agni, our digestive fire, to bring our digestive system into better balance.

When our Agni is balanced we tend towards feeling positive, confident, strong, enthusiastic and healthy. When Agni is low, an imbalance builds up in the body causing minor physical illnesses (constipation, IBS, stomach acidity etc).

If left untreated the imbalance can disturb the organs and gradually migrates via blood and lymph to other parts of the body including lungs and skin. In these first three stages of illness the Agni can easily be restored through yoga techniques including breathing, visualisation and cleansing practices. During the final three stages of disease, balancing the Agni is much more difficult and deep cleansing techniques are required.

You will identify your type of metabolism, practice stoking the fires and learn key tips for maintaining Agni.

Suitable for all levels.


Suitable for all levels