Yoga and the Whole of Our Lives: Integrated Yoga Day

With James Boag
18 November 2017, 10:00–17:00

The Life Centre, Manchester
293A Deansgate (behind Philip James Estate Agents and opposite The Hilton Hotel)
M3 4EW,

0161 834 6283


Storytelling and Interpretation Evening with James Boag takes place on Friday 17th November – book both events for the special price of £60

Broad Spectrum Yoga: Cultivating Harmony in Our World Today: How can we work with yoga principles and practices to cultivate harmony, cohesion and efficiency in all aspects of our lives?


Movement, meditation, story and song

Yoga is much vaster than it is often commonly perceived these days. This day of rounded yoga exploration will allow us to discover or deepen our understanding of the robust, practical principles that underpin yoga: the art and science of sustainable, evolutionary living. We will explore a range of practical supports, techniques and frames of reference from the Yoga tradition that can help us foster harmony in the grounded reality and amidst the various challenges and opportunities of our lives today.

10:00-13:00 Morning āsana and movement exploration: 

Yoga āsana as training for life: how we can use our time working with physical yoga practices to support ease and steadiness through the spectrum of our daily lives. In particular, we will look at rehabilitating, reinforcing, and refining healthy neuro-muscular patterns and efficient kinetic chains through the body for safe, easy and effective movement in daily life and in more demanding movement activities.

14:30-17:00 Afternoon session: satsang talk, meditation and kirtan:

With reference to classical archetypes from the Indian yoga tradition, we will consider ancient yet timelessly practical teachings and how we can cultivate positive evolution through the inevitable change and movement of life. We will then further explore practically through meditation and kirtan.

A few words more about Kirtan: Yoga and the Power of Sound: Call and response singing and chanting with James Boag

The yoga tradition offers myriad tools we can work with to cultivate integration and recover our innate capacities for deep presence and sustainable wellbeing. These include many sound-based techniques and practices. The extraordinary visionaries and research scientists of the ancient yoga tradition recognised the pervasive, penetrative power of sound and how the readily accessible resources of our own voices can be harnessed to foster harmony through the whole of our being.

The call and response singing and chanting of kirtan, is simple, yet powerful, cleansing and uplifting. James will also speak briefly about kirtan, Sanskrit as an energy-based language, the symbolism and effects of the words we use in the practice, and how kirtan relates to other practices and paths of yoga.

Everyone welcome! Do not worry if you are not a virtuoso singer. The joy and practical benefits of yoga are open to everyone.

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Suitable for all levels